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Información Legal

Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

At Prinsotel, we understand Corporate Social Responsibility as a model for best practices in managing social and economic aspects. Additionally, raising awareness and ecological consciousness about environmental protection constitutes one of our top priorities.

Prinsotel's CSR policies are governed by the following points:

At Prinsotel, we are committed to environmental management. We strive to reduce, minimize, and manage our impact on the environment through the following commitments:

Establishing solid and achievable objectives.
Compliance with all applicable environmental legislation to ensure its implementation in all hotels.
Reducing negative impact through communication and training.
Minimizing pollution by reducing the use of chemicals and other hazardous products.
Minimizing water and energy consumption and waste production.
Increasing environmental awareness among our employees, guests, suppliers, and the local community by promoting our environmental policies and encouraging their adoption.
Purchasing local products and services whenever possible and feasible, in accordance with our Procurement Policy.
To ensure impact minimization, we adhere to established guidelines for best practices.
Travelife Practices:
Achieving a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment for our community, future travelers, and ourselves. We share this policy with our entire team and ensure its proper implementation.

This Prinsotel group policy applies to every employee through Human Resources at each workplace, in the commitment to managing human talent in the following areas:

Recruitment and selection: Providing employment opportunities to people living around the workplace without distinction of beliefs, sexual preferences, religion, ethnic language, age, appearance, culture, disability, gender, physical, social, economic, health, or legal condition, pregnancy, marital status, and migratory situation.
Training: Integrating, recruiting, training, and instructing each employee in the nature of their role. Promoting recognition for a job well done for personal and professional development. Providing humane treatment, equality, and non-discrimination at all times through standards, rules, and policies based on institutional philosophy and current labor legislation related to the rights of individuals and workers.
As part of our community, we are responsible for minimizing our impact and contributing to the sustainable development of our destinations. Our commitment is based on the following points:

Minimizing and managing the impact of our activities on the community.
Respecting, supporting, and promoting local culture, norms, and environmental conservation.
Maintaining ongoing dialogue with the local community and social agents.
Prioritizing the purchase of goods and services from local suppliers whenever possible.
Encouraging our guests to explore and discover our surroundings through tours and excursions, thus promoting the history, gastronomy, craftsmanship, culture, and traditions of our destinations.
Participating in community and/or social support activities, encouraging our employees and guests to participate as much as possible and depending on their interest.
Prinsotel's Quality Policy aims to ensure the maximum satisfaction of guests and employees. To achieve this, quality management is based on the following principles:

Measuring satisfaction levels both externally (from our guests) and internally (with our employees) to have a basis for improving our service and the well-being of all involved.
Ensuring the quality of our products and services in all hotels.
Anticipating the needs of our guests and exceeding their expectations.
Promoting employee training and professional development.
Compliance with applicable regulations and commitments established for the chain.
Ensuring compliance with all policies, procedures, standards, and manuals.
Prinsotel is committed to providing a healthy and risk-free environment for all its employees, guests, suppliers, subcontractors, and visitors. To achieve this, compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Manual is guaranteed, whose principles of preventive action establish the starting point for establishing a corporate culture aimed at protecting workers' health and recognizing the value of people as a key success factor for the company.

The importance of people and their working conditions for the company's own development, as well as their necessary involvement in the business project.
Continuous improvement of working conditions and all areas of the company's activities.
Integration of prevention into the structure and daily activities, and the responsibility assumed in its correct management.
Employee participation in decisions affecting their working conditions.
Employee information and training.
The deep interrelation between what should be understood as a job well done (quality of product, service, and processes) and safe and dignified working conditions.
Our commitments:

All company members will be involved in preventive activities to prevent personal and material damage, in accordance with the established functions. The resources and procedures necessary for the development of the different preventive activities will be available.
Any modification or substantial change that may affect job conditions will be consulted with the workers.
Managers will perform basic preventive activities such as investigating accidents/incidents, periodic workplace inspections and observations, and the preparation and review of work procedures, as well as other specifically assigned activities.
A training and employee training plan will be available for the tasks they perform. To this end, initial training will be provided for anyone joining a job, and continuous training will enable tasks to be carried out correctly at all times.
Companies Biolinea and Saniconsult provide training and audits to ensure strict compliance with regulatory levels. Employees are trained in recreational water area maintenance, pesticide handling, legionellosis prevention treatment, facilities maintenance subject to Royal Decree 865/2003 for legionellosis prevention, food handling and hygiene, and compliance with Royal Decree 126/2015 on the importance of self-control systems in collective catering. All these training programs are periodically updated.
We are fully committed to supporting children's rights as declared by UNICEF, particularly the following:

Education: Every child has the right to an education that develops their personality, talents, and abilities to the fullest.
Health: All children have the right to medical care, clean water, nutritious food, and a safe environment to be as healthy as possible.
Childhood: Every child should be provided with the care, protection, and opportunities to rest and play they need to ensure their childhood is free from exploitation or adult responsibilities.
Equity: All children have the same rights, regardless of their ethnic origin, gender, beliefs, illnesses, abilities, or family background. However, children, like adults, suffer discrimination every day for various reasons.
Voice: Every child has the right to a voice in matters affecting them, and their opinions should be taken seriously according to their age and maturity.
Forms of child abuse, including sexual exploitation, are not permitted within hotel premises. In case of any suspicious activity, the employee will report it to their superior, who will inform local authorities if necessary.

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